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Principal's Corner

April's Note from the Principal

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What is that saying? April showers bring May flowers? I hope that the rainy, cloudy days of March will bring us some sunshine and warmer weather in April. I am certainly looking forward to that.:)

Something else I look forward to in the month of April is great classroom instruction! We are just a few short weeks away from our spring benchmarks. It is our expectation, as a school, that these benchmarks will show how much your child has grown in both reading and math. However, we know that we are not solely responsible for any gains your child may achieve. As far as reading is concerned, multiple studies show the tremendous beneficial effects that occur when you, the parents, read to your children at home. All this to say thank you to all the parents who read with their children on a regular basis. Giving the gift of reading to a child is one of the greatest gifts that can ever be given. Please join me in supporting Battlefield Elementary as they will soon be taking the Georgia Milestones Assessment. As you know, the state of Georgia will take the scores BES earns and will then apply those scores to our school as a way of measuring us. Needless to say, we have a vested interest in how they perform. :)

Please mark your calendars for a special event at Battlefield Elementary School on April 14. This will be a special “get acquainted” night for our second-grade students who will be going to third grade next school year. This will be a time for you and your children to meet the faculty and staff of BES. If you are able to go that night (time will be announced later), then next school year may be less intimidating for your child.

Happy spring, everyone!

Geoff Rhodes