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Mr.  Geoff  Rhodes
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Principal's Corner

A Note from the Principal

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi everyone! I hope that this note finds you well. If you are like me, you are hoping that spring gets here sooner rather than later. However it looks like mother nature has not made up her mind yet! I want to take this time and talk to you about an event I see that is upcoming in the school calendar. During Dr. Seuss Week, we will be having our usual fun of dressing up as the Cat in the Hat, mustache day, etc. However, I see something new during this week. It is called the “random act of kindness day.” It would be really neat for us, as a school, and you the parents, to stress this activity to our kids. As you may know, we are living in a day and age where people are becoming more isolated from one another. When this happens, people tend to think about their own concerns and not of the others around them. I personally fall victim to this trap, as well. Please join me, and let’s take this opportunity (on March 7th) to teach our kids how to think about the welfare of people around them.

Our final school fundraiser will be happening this month as well...the candy sale! First of all, please do not tell Mr. Afman (he likes for us to eat healthy). The monies that are raised from this sale will go towards purchasing items that the school needs such as safety materials, educational items, student recognition, etc. If you can, please help us with this fundraiser. Finally, let’s not forget a little something called St. Patrick’s Day! As a lot of you know, this is a special let’s remember to green it up on March 15th (Friday).

BPS go Bragh!!!

Geoff Rhodes