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Karen Wilson Staff Photo

Supply List 

Requested Donations


1 bottle Hand Sanitizer

4 boxes of Kleenex

Baby wipes & diapers/pull-ups (if needed)

Boogie Wipes

Clorox Wipes

2 Expo Markers

Ziploc Bags-Any size

Roll of Paper Towels


Occasionally, we may collect various materials for special projects. We will let you know what is needed throughout the year. If you have access to any materials you think we could use, let us know and we will try to think of a related project.

*Supply Donation $25.00

*No child will be denied participation in any activity due to failure to make a donation.


Snacks-Once a month we ask that you send in a box/bag of dry cereal, crackers, pretzels, fish, etc. to share for snacks. We have a snack daily.