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Jon Afman Staff Photo

P.E. Program 

    The Physical Education program at Battlefield Primary School is designed to get kids moving and keep them moving.  This year the students have PE 2 or 3 times a week and their classes last for 30 minutes. The days they have PE switch every 9 weeks so please help them remember.  They will have PE either on M_W_F or T-Th each 9 weeks.

    Each class period they do their exercises and then participate in an activity designed to increase their fitness levels.  Areas of emphasis are cardio-vascular endurance, upper body strength, abdominal strength, co-ordination, and flexibility.  The classes are designed to be enjoyable and increase fitness levels at the same time.  Please feel free to come join your child for a class and encourage them to show you their exercises at home.  A great workout for them (and parents) is to time them and see how long they can do jumping jacks without stopping.  It doesn't take any space or equipment and it gets the heart rate up quickly.  The school record is 15 minutes without stopping.  


It is very important that your child has tennis shoes each day they have pe class so that they can run and participate.  Thank you for helping with this matter.