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Class Newsletter  Updated at 1/21/2018 2:21:00 PM




Week of January 22, 2018


Mrs. Southerlin’s Newsletter


3rd nine weeks has started so Music will be on M,W,F and PE on T, Thurs.


Please send in an empty PAPER ½ juice/ milk carton as soon as you can.We are making mailboxes and will use them for our Friendship notes as well as our valentines.Thank you!





Important Information:


·       Thank you to all parents, trying to get here early so we can start our day at 8:00 a


·       January 18th- Crazy Hat Day, Bee Bash


·       January 25th- LSGT meeting 5-6 pm


·       January 31st- 100th day of school


·       February 9th- first grade parent lunch, more information to come…


·       February 14th- Valentine’s Party


·       February 16th & February 19th- No School


·       We are having trouble with the children’s headphones. Several of them are not working or have broken. Please ask your child if they need some new headphones. We use these daily in the classroom. Thanks


·       Please make sure to send a snack with your child each day.




Language Arts


This week we will be talking about plants and how they grow. We will learn about long i words this week. Our spelling words are:  like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, make, came, water, should. Our sight words are: green, grow, pretty, should, together, water. We will learn about present tense verbs. A present tense-verb tells about an action that is happening right now. For example: Spike hikes up the hill. We will also be reviewing plurals.






We will be starting a unit on measurement next week. We will start to measure objects with cubes. We will also be comparing lengths (shorter than, longer than).


































 ur help!