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Karen Wilson Staff Photo

Class Newsletter 

Morning-This week  our morning class will be learning all about the color Orange. On Wednesday your child may bring in an item that is Orange to share.  

Thanks for the Apple Jacks last week….we had so much fun with Johnny Appleseed activities!

Afternoon-The afternoon class will be learning about the letter Ff.  They may bring an item that begins with the letter Ff to share on Wednesday.  We are loving going through the letters...I’m amazed with how well they are doing!


Please make sure to send back replacement clothes if we use your child’s extra clothes.  If your child has used any of our extra clothes, please send those back as soon as possible.  Our extra supply is very low.


Thank you for all the snacks!!  We have a great variety and the kids are enjoying them!

If you have any  questions or concerns you may email me at or call me at school 706-861-5778.

Upcoming Dates:

Wed Oct 2: Show & Tell

Thurs Oct 3: Grandparents Day 10:00-11:30

Mon Oct 8-Wed Oct 10: Fall Break-No School