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Class Newsletter 

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November 27, 2017                                                      


 Dear Parents:                                                  


 Happy Monday!  We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!!


Important Information


·        Progress Reports are coming home Thursday. Please sign and return the sheet.


·        Our Christmas party will be on Tuesday, December 19 at 9:00. We will be having a Christmas breakfast. Look for more information of donations coming home very soon! Thank you in advance!


·        Instead of exchanging gifts between the students we are asking each child to bring in one unwrapped gift to be placed under our school tree as a donation for our toy run! What a great experience for our students to give to others who may be in need this holiday season!


·        We will be making Christmas Trees out of sugar cones, please look for information coming home soon about candy donations we will need for this craft.


·        We will also be making Christmas shirts to wear at our party. Please send in a white T-shirt for your little one beginning tomorrow! All shirts need to be turned in by next Mondy.


A glance at our week….. 




We will be reviewing all letters and sounds of the alphabet. Sounds will be assessed during the second 9 weeks.  Please review all sounds at home.   


We will also write all letters correctly and write the sounds we hear in simple three letter words. We will continue working on rhyming words, syllables, and reading simple words, such as “cat, cap, man, etc.” 




We will continue to concentrate on identifying 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, remember the study tool I sent home.  Identifying shapes will be reassessed this next 9 weeks, if your child misses one shape name, they will be marked as "progressing."  Please continue to review these names with your little one. 


We are currently learning how to identify numbers 0-20, number words zero-ten, counting to one hundred by ones, counting to 100 by tens, counting objects and matching them to their correct numeral, putting numbers in the correct order, and composing and decomposing numbers 1-5.  Composing and decomposing numbers is simply showing how to create or breakdown numbers many ways using number sentences and objects.  For example, 2=0+2, 2=1+1, 2=2+0.  Composing and decomposing will be assessed the second 9 weeks, you will begin to see work coming home on this skill, if you have any questions, please let me know. 


We are also learning to graph and we are also learning to add and to subtract, and even learning how to write out simple story problems with equations!


  Have a great week! Mrs. Wright and Ms. Cloud
















Study all letters and sounds.  


Sounds- What beginning, middle, and ending sound do you hear in the following words (read the words to your little one)….then have your little one try to sound the words out and read them to you! I bet you will be so proud!




Ham   beg   tip   fog   pup




Syllables- Count and tell the number of syllables in the following:


holiday  snow   ornament reindeer  






Give a word that rhymes with:


Ham   beg   tip   fog   pup






Numbers- Count to 100 by ones     Count to 100 by tens




Write Numbers 11-20 below










What is one more and one less than the following numbers


1   5   8   10   7