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Class Newsletter 




Kindergarten Cuties


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April 17, 2017                                                     


 Dear Parents:                                                  


 Please keep our school in your thoughts.


Important Information


·       Please check your child’s folder daily.


·       Remove all papers


·       Sign and return any permission slips


·       Label all money (we will have to return any unlabeled money)


Our new theme for our center rotation will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


We have so many class and individual pictures on twitter, please follow us and look at all we are learning and doing!!! Follow us




 Glance at out Week!


Reading and Language


·       Writing words


·       Writing and naming beginning middle and ending sounds of words


·       Listening and Recalling events from several spring books


·       Describing characters and the setting of several books


·       Writing stories, writing opinions, and writing facts.


·       Writing the alphabet




·       Story Problems


·       Writing out and solving equations


·       Creating shapes using popsicle sticks


·       Using dominos to solve equations


·       Adding and subtracting with leprechauns


Upcoming Information


·       Information was sent home last week about an upcoming field trip. Please fill out all information and send back tomorrow if possible.




  Have a great week! Mrs. Wright and Ms. Cloud










Study Sheet for Extra Practice 


  Sounds- Read the following words, then name the beginning, middle, and ending sound you hear in the following: (remember to have them sound the sound out to you) Remind your little one what the silent e does.


chum chet shape shop kit kite bit bite






Numbers- Count to 100 by ones     Count to 100 by tens


(3rd 9 weeks report card)






What is one more and one less of the following numbers?


1 2 3 4 5




Solve the equation




10-3=                     0+4=




























For one Bee Buck…..write out the following equation with an answer. Remember to draw circles to solve the problem. Students must draw a picture and write out the equation using the correct symbols to receive a “Meets” on the report card.








There was six ducks in a pond. Four swam out. How many are left in the pond?






















A leprechaun hid 6 pots of gold in the front yard and 3 pots of gold in the back yard. How many pots of gold did he have all together?